Online Gambling Laws – Europe

Europe is governed by the European Union legislation. However, the individual countries which make Europe have their own set of online gambling laws. This situation pertains to gambling industry as well. There are no set of legislation that can standardize online gaming or betting across Europe. Thus, it is a challenge to set up legalities when it comes to gambling, especially online gambling across Europe.

Here is a detailed look at legislation and regulation pertaining to online gambling in different European countries

Online Gambling Laws – State By State

Online Gambling Laws - United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Online gambling is a legal process in the United Kingdom under the Gambling Act 2005. Online euro football betting, casino games, lottery are all under the supervision of the Gambling Commission. Gambling Act 2005 offers a clear framework for hosting the games as well as placing online bets. The Act has set up a process which can give license to potential operators and also ensures the protection of consumers.
The United Kingdom is a pioneer in the online gambling laws department.


Till the year 2010, Italy had put an end to all the online gambling websites. Just two sites managed by national sports and racing organizations were allowed. However, EU then started proccedings against Italy and the country opened its doors for online gambling seven years later. AAMS, the government licensing committee grants licenses to operators to protect them from any kind of danger.

Online Gambling Laws - Italy
Online Gambling Laws - Germany


There are no set regulations in Germany at present. Most forms of online gambling like football betting are banned in the country. However, one state of Germany had started issuing the licenses but then revoked these licenses later and then started the process again


There have been amendments in gambling laws in Spain. The recent change was made in 2012, which allowed the operators to offer services in different regions under certain conditions. Spanish citizens are allowed to bet and play at the sites which have been given licenses by the country.

Online Gambling Laws - Spain
Online Gambling Laws - France


France has allowed online gambling. The country gives licenses to firms which offer gambling services like euro football betting, horse betting as well as poker. Moreover the licensing process is very harsh and casino style games are not included in the process.


Poland has banned online casinos expect for sports betting in any form, online or manual. The local firms can apply for the licenses to offer online sports betting services like football betting, basketball betting and more. This has been allowed since the year 2011. However , despite many strict rules, these days citizens in the country are also playing their casino games online at foreign sites. The gambling industry is a thriving one in the country.

Online Gambling Laws - poland
Online Gambling Laws - Portugal


Portugal has allowed all kinds of gambling since January 2017. Gaming inspection body under the Portugal Tourism Office is responsible for regulating all the gambling activities in the country, be it online or land based.


The Finnish Government has strict control and gambling directions set up to ensure themselves as well as their nationals. It appears the tenets have been set up to control players and enable them to stick to approved gambling.

The online casino industry has seen a fast development with new online casinos flying up every day. And keeping in mind that the Finnish may legitimately bet at any of the state-claimed operations, there is an instability with respect to the outcomes of sharing in online gambling from an outside administrator. Obviously, there are Finns who totally dismiss the standards and directions in light of the fact that there are better offerings and amusements that can be found at a portion of the seaward casinos than at a Finnish Casino. Others however are treading delicately and uncertain of whether they should step foot into the many seaward online casinos accessible.

For the time being, players can enjoy online gambling exercises on outside locales without worrying about getting into issue with the Government. While there are strict laws that keep worldwide gambling destinations from promoting in Finland there are definitely no laws that keep Finnish players from sharing in gambling at universal online casino locales. Installment exchanges and IP addresses are not being checked or blocked which gives you simple access to destinations outside of Finland.



Just state-claimed administrators can give gambling services in Norway as per the local law standards and directions. All things considered numerous seaward gaming sites which are completely authorized supply free access to Norwegian natives to their online casino exercises. Some of these locales give diversions in Nynorsk and Bokmal and permit exchanges in Norwegian Krones as well.But the are taken as unlawful in Norway.

On the off chance that you choose to begin gambling in destinations like these, realize that the government will once in a while choose to tail and chase the casino down. The most difficult issue could be the limitation of using debit and Visas for exchanges. To beat this issue numerous players utilize dependable e-wallet methods for installment, for example, Euteller, Skrill or Neteller.

Typically Norwegian specialists pursue, rebuff and fine the unlicensed administrators and not the common players, who play on outside casinos. You shouldn’t be worried over the law, just begin playing, have a great time and win huge with gaming amusements.

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