Step three: How To Bet Online And Where

How to bet online, and where? Choosing the right online betting site can be quite a hard task.
Both for beginners and veteran players, finding the perfect place to play can be a hassle.
It’s not only the amount of online gambling sites out there that make it a hard task, it’s also the fact that there are many online gambling sites that are not trustworthy, so making sense of the wide range of sites, in addition to the fact that you must be very selective and thorough in the process, makes it an almost impossible task.
Obviously, you can type a random thing in a search engine that’s related to gambling, and find random sites to play in. But that really is the last thing I would recommend you to do.

Luckily, you’re just in the right place, as we our main objective to help you find the best online gambling sites; the ones that are most trustworthy, the ones that will accommodate you wherever you may be across the globe, and, of course the online gambling sites where the online gambling experience is simply the best, while considering many other factors in choosing the right one.

This will hopefully save you some time in understanding how to bet online, and where. And if we helped you in this goal, we have met our expectations.

Online Gambling Sites by Specific Needs

Location Based

Here you can find online gambling sites specific by your location.
*important notice – if you are an american this is a must see section

Casino Online Gambling

Here you can find specific sites that are better at casino type online gambling

Sports Online Gambling

Here you can find specific sites that are the best at Sports Online Gambling

 We are all different

Keep in mind while learning how to bet online,  that gamblers are different from one another. Gambling is a very individual thing – while one person may have one experience, another person might have a different experience. So, we will also advise you to research sites on your own, read some reviews, search for forums related to specific sites and see what other people have to say about the online gambling sites that seem appealing to you.

As you research your preferred online gambling site, here are some criteria that we take in to consideration for picking our best sites.
While following these guidelines, we are able to give you a list of only the very best sites

Safety First

No one wants to deposit and lose money in a false gambling site. So, the first thing we check for is reliability!

Gambling Interface

Another one of the most important things to check is the gambling interface. When we check for user accessibility, we mostly check for the sites with the best costumer service.

Better Value to Your Money!

Most online gambling operators offer bonuses, which is cool and important to take advantage of. But it is important to also check the wages for each bet to see if the site is accessible for the wide range of the population with both high and low minimum wages

Type of Gamble

This is more individual, but we also separate all-inclusive gambling sites, with the ones that focus on sports, casino gambling and so on. If you’re into one type of gambling alone, you can find a site that focuses mainly on that type.


Seems obvious that an online gambling site has to be licensed in order to operate online. But that is very much not the case. As many online gambling sites operate without the proper licenses, you might find yourself being tricked and robbed of your money.
It is crucial, that you only join sites that have the proper licenses when researching how to bet online and where.
Having said that, it is also important to consider the types of licenses an online gambling site is operating with. Some authorities will give a license to nearly anyone, while others make it a harder task.
We will usually advise on UK /USA licensed gambling sites, but other licenses might also be okay.

 Gaming interface and costumer support

This criterion is very important. We test the site for ease of use, a simple operating system, graphics and user-friendly interfaces and, most importantly, customer support. We will only recommend sites that have a fully operating and fast responsive customer support system, as it is such a drag, on certain sites, when requests and questions can be dragged out for weeks upon weeks. When customer support works good, everything works good.

Variety of Games and Bets

Usually, a site that gathers many types of betting in one place will be more convenient, bigger, safer and pretty much just better. Having said that, there are sites that focus on Texas Hold’em Poker, who do not house any other types of games and bets and are pretty good. Other than that, I would usually seek a site that accommodates multiple types of games and options.


Reputation is also an important key factor in choosing a site. It is important because of the terrible sites mentioned above and in other sections of this guide. A site with a good reputation is one with a long proven track record of paying on time, treating their customers right and more. The best way to check a site’s reputation, without having any experience in the online gambling industry, is simply searching the web for people who have commented poorly.
The sites we recommend, of course, have a proven reputation…so fear not

 Deposit and Withdrawal options

This step is somewhat obvious, yet may sometimes be forgotten by many people while learning how to bet online.
Check the deposit options and see what fits you. More importantly, check the withdrawal options, see the payment choices, check whether it fits the country where you live and what alternatives the sites provides if it doesn’t.
Some sites will be easier to deposit from than to withdraw, so take this into consideration.

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