Online Gambling Guide Step 4: Understand Money Related Issues Fully

In this section of our online gambling guide, we will discuss the advantages that make your money’s value higher. But first, we will discuss the different methods to deposit and withdraw funds that the different sites may accept.
These subjects go hand in hand.

Online Gambling Deposit Methods

An important thing to learn, in an online gambling guide, is  each and every method of deposit in the order of its popularity, though each individual may find a certain method more suitable for him/her. While most online gambling sites offer different ways to deposit money, not all sites offer all methods, but eventually you should find the method that meets your needs.


This method is the fastest growing way to pay online gambling sites. E-Wallet is an online wallet site, which provides different ways to ensure your banking information will not be handed over to malicious factors. It transfers money directly and usually charges low fees for doing so. No online gambling guide is complete without adressing the issue that this way is more common to non-American online gambling sites. The reasong is because American ones will limit the options of deposit and withdrawals and usually will not accept e-wallets.

 Credit Cards/Debit Cards

The most common and popular way to deposit on online gambling sites is credit cards. This method is probably the most widely spread method to deposit to online gambling sites.
While almost every online gambling site has the option for you to deposit using credit/debit cards, not all of them will support all kinds of credit cards. The most common are Visa and Master Card, while others might be less.
This way should be quite simple and very safe. Be sure to give your credit details only to trusted and pre-checked sites.

 Prepard Cards / Gift Cards

The use of prepaid cards is especially helpful for people who wish to enter online gambling in the USA and people who want to gamble on sites that do not allow their credit card, or simply people who want to be a little discreet.

Prepaid cards are credit cards you can charge with an amount of money of your choice, and are usually made locally in your country. You should check to see if your specific card of choice is accepted on the online gambling.

 Money Transfer

You could also transfer your money directly through your own bank account using a wire transfer. For people who prefer dealing with cash, or those who do not want to publish any credit numbers on the web in any way, this is a good choice for you. Go through the registration process and if the wire option is offered, you will get all the details you need.

This method can also be done using Money Transfer Services, which takes your cash and wires the funds, for you, to a selected account.

 Sending Checks

As simple as it can be, fill out a check and send it to the address you will get when requesting to use this method.
It’s good for not sharing any personal information on the web, but it takes a lot of time, usually. That is why it isn’t very popular.

Bonuses & Promotions

In this section of our online gambling guide, we will discuss one of the major advantages of online gambling.
The sign up bonus, and other bonuses you get as you go along. These bonuses will increase the value of your investment and can be very significant in the long term of gambling online.
Many online gambling sites offer these bonuses, and some are very generous.

 Sign up bonus

The sign up bonus is a bonus that, as time passed, became very common, and now every online gambling site has this welcome bonus. While you are seeking the site with the best welcome bonus, also be aware some sites don’t give bonuses all, and some sites restrict the bonus amount by a certain percent of the deposit, and there will always be a maximum amount that you will be able to claim.
The welcome bonus is always helpful and enjoyable, but check closely. Another important thing to be aware of is a non-deposit sign up bonus, which is usually just a little taste of the gambling site, and is also a marketing tool to gain new gamblers to a site.

 Reload Bonus

Many online gambling sites have special offers that allow their customers to get extra value for their funds, not only on their first deposit, but also for their next deposits. This may change depending on how much you deposit and how often you play. How and when they deliver bonuses may also change; it can be periodically or based on the number of times you deposit. Many sites offer these bonuses for the benefit of their gamblers.

 Ranking Based Bonuses

Many sites and guides do not explain fully to their readers about extra bonuses. But not in our online gambling guide. There are many more bonuses to enjoy and tts simple. The more active you are and the more you gamble, the more you get. Of course, these programs take into consideration how active a gambler is when playing different games, the amount of time he\she plays, and more. And, of course, they consider the amount of money he\she deposits each time. Some online gambling sites provide these bonuses in the form of extra funds, while others might raffle off sporting event tickets and the like. Either way a site chooses to give out bonuses, all gamblers can enjoy them.

In conclusion, when choosing the online gambling site you wish to sign up for, consider the value of these extra funds. It shouldn’t be your highest priority, and don’t be blinded by it, because some unreliable sites might publish false bonuses to attract players. Make it a secondary yet important consideration.
Of course, these sites will not be handing out any money that doesn’t match a certain player’s exact wishes. This is very important and will save you a lot of frustration. Read the terms and conditions of these bonuses carefully and know exactly what you do or do not deserve.

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