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Welcome to the top online casinos section in the USA. Online gambling in the United States is very popular. In fact, the USA is one of the world’s leading countries for that form of entertainment. Even so, online gambling in the United States is a bit controversial in terms of legislation. Some laws have made it harder for the top online casinos to keep up with all the rules. It has also made quality online gambling sites from the United States hard to find.

Many of the sites that we know that are secure, and that we usually recommend, do not operate in the USA. This makes it a lot harder for Americans to find the best, most secure and most reliable top online casinos.


After much effort and testing, we have found several online gambling sites that accept most Americans. We have listed the most recommended top online casinos:

Many online gambling sites operate abroad in countries where gambling is legit but they do not necessarily fit US regulations.
To us, finding the best online gambling sites, where you can use real money to bet in a secure and safe manner, where you can deposit your money at a fair place and where your funds are safe, is the highest priority.

 Choose carefully where to gamble

It is very important to choose the site on which you wish to gamble. People living in other parts of the world might have more options, but there are plenty of options for you to choose from as well. It is very important that you choose the highest quality sites, as many sites are NOT to be trusted and are very low in quality.

We have taken the time to explore the large variety of online gambling sites in the USA. To do so, we had to narrow down the list to sites that not only give you the safest and most secure payment options but that also give you a large variety of gaming options, the best and fastest payment policies, the most user-friendly environments, and the best value for your first payment in a sign-up bonus and other deposits after that.

Take your time in choosing; read as many reviews as you can and do extensive research before choosing a site to gamble on!

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 Is Online Gambling legal in the United States?

Gambling issues in the USA are quite complex. Federal laws do not currently address the online angle fully, and are very open to interpretation in that matter.

in 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed into law, making things a lot more tricky and confusing for online gambling site operators. They could not continue their activities in the same manner, and had to make significant changes to adapt. This caused many leading operators to simply let go, focus on other parts of the world, and no longer accommodate American players.

This is the main reason many world-renowned gambling sites do not operate in the USA; it is tricky to stay inside the gray areas. The important thing to know is that this law does not prohibit a civilian from placing bets; it restricts only the operators’ side of the situation. That said, we are not legal experts and provide only our interpretation of the law.

Because many citizens in the United States wish to enjoy online gambling, some operators have specialized in gambling specifically within the framework of laws in the USA.

You can rest assured that the online gambling sites specified above comply with all required US regulations.

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Pay And Get Paid

Due to the details referred to above, deposits and withdrawals can be quite tricky for US players. Currently, the easiest way to do this on most online gambling sites in the USA is via Visa credit, debit, or prepaid cards that are approved for international purposes. MasterCard is not typically accepted on most sites, though some do accept MasterCard.
Other options include Western Union, bitcoin and more.

You can read more about money-related issues in our 5 Steps Guide to Online Gambling

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