GUTS BlackJack Wednesday – Live Every Wednesday For 3 Months With Many Prizes

Guts Online Casino are reveiling a very interesting new promotion – they will give away prizes each Wednesday for three months , to anyone playing blackjack, pretty much just for playing!

Blackjack Enthusiast? Read closley –

While playing blackjack you occaisonaly get more than one blackjack in a row, not too often but definetly happens now and again.. During the up coming three months you will get 20$ just for playing and getting two blackjack in a row. What if you get three you ask? You get 30, 40 for 4, and 50 for 5!

This promotion will be live in Guts Casino Live Blackjack Evolution games selection during these dates –

May 9th 2018 – August 9th 2018 on

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